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Guide Profiles


Kennie Garcia, Guide


Kennie started his fly fishing career at the age of 7 watching fish one day in the Kid's Canal eating hoppers.  He ties one to a hook, caught a fish, and it was all down hill from there.  Kennie was the kid who if there was a creek, river, pond or puddle he wanted to find out if there were fish in it.  He guided full time for 12 years before starting Salt Lake Fly Fishing Company.  Kennie spends around 230 days a year on local waters following fish.  In the winter he is a backcountry snowmobile guide, and the spring and fall he loves chasing fish in saltwater flats.  Kennie loves teaching and watching people fall in love with fly fishing.  If he's not 'working' you'll find him on a river. 



Clarence Beavers, Guide


Clarence Beavers has been fishing the waters of Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains for salmon, steelhead, and trout for over thirty years. He first cut his fly-fishing teeth  in southern Oregon boulder bounding commando style up and down the banks of the famed Rouge River and the Umpqua's North Fork chasing summer steelhead. His addiction to large trout has led him to make some interesting decisions in life. Some of which have ended with him flailing through large sections of whitewater in shorts and sandals  in an effort to land "the one".  Another of those decisions led Clarence to Utah where he immediately set about to find Rocky Mountain trout of steelhead like proportions. Clarence's passion is fly-fishing. His fishing travels  have cast a wide net of experience that has drawn in successful angling techniques and methods from all over the west, for many different species. Clarence has tweaked and tinkered with the presentations, patterns, and gear used to catch bass, salmon, carp, bonefish, and others, and applied these modifications to his pursuit of Utah trout with great success. Clarence's most endearing quality as a guide is not his professionalism, his knowledge of the sport, or his ability to connect with his clients, but his genuine interest in your fly-fishing experience. Clarence want's you to have fun, catch fish, and learn something you didn't know about the resources and the fishery your enjoying.



Jeremy Allan, Guide


Jeremy Allan is a fly fisherman who has dedicated most of his life to seeing the beauty of fish, their environment, and what they eat.  Jeremy has put over 25 years into the art of fly fishing.  If he's not guiding of fishing on his own, he's following his other passion, photography,  capturing and letting other people see the beauty of what we do.  He is a much published and followed fish photographer, you can see his work in magazines such as The Drake, Northwest/Southwest Fly Fishing, and Catch Magazine.  Whether he steers you toward big fish or lots of fish, spending a day on the water with Jeremy's years of experience you'll definitely see fly fishing in a different light.



Scott Harmon, Guide


From the first time his father took him fly fishing when he was only 8 years old, he was hooked!  The memories of that trip and many more like it would later stir a passion for the sport.  When his classmates headed for the lunchroom he headed for the river, rod in hand!  (His high school happened to be conveniently located right on the American River)  Later, Scott went on to pursue a career in sales and marketing, building several successful companies in California while raising a family.  In 2007 one of his daughters, an avid fly fisher herself, approached him about attending the Hubbard's Guide School located on the Yellowstone River in Montana, however, under the condition he'd come too!  He decided to attend, and as a result has been professionally guiding on the Provo and surrounding rivers ever since.  Scott currently resides in Park City, UT.  "I have just as much fun teaching a beginner how to fly fish as I do fishing myself.  I've come to realize how lucky it is to be a part of creating the lasting memory of a perfect day on the water with a client, family, or friend.  I live for those perfect days"


Gilbert Rowley, Guide

As a passionate fly angler, Gilbert loves to share his knowledge of the sport with others.  He loves to be on the river and his enthusiasm is contagious.  Gilbert graduated with a Bachelor’s in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Utah State University.  Among other skills, he is a contract fly designer for Rainy’s Flies, and has designed many flies that fish can’t seem to resist.  He loves photographing all aspects of fly fishing, and many of his images are currently making their way into fly fishing publications.  Gilbert believes that all fly fishing techniques have a special place in an angler's arsenal, and he thrives on fine-tuning the skills of beginners and experienced anglers alike.  Additionally, he loves spending time with his wife and two young kids, the only thing that tops his love for fly fishing.

Jake Smith, Guide


Jake Smith’s passion for fly fishing all started in the Uinta mountains, throwing dries to wild cutthroats.  After a trip with a friend to Idaho with an awesome caddis hatch, he found something to pursue.  Now he can be found with his wife and kids or friends chasing fish in many of the surrounding states.  If it swims he wants to catch it!




Photography by Jeremy Allan